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Never Paying Retail Tips

Use your greatest resource.

The Internet is the fastest growing resource for consumers to research and purchase items. People are able to find detailed information about any product they wish to research. Shoppers can enjoy the convenience of shopping from home at any time of the day. Most Internet companies are offering free shipping, and by ordering through most, no tax also. It actually saves money to shop online.

Be patient.

If you must have it today, you will probably pay more than if you can wait a few days and look for the lowest price. If you plan ahead for what you would like to purchase you can save money on most everything. When you plan to make a purchase, consider the end of season. This is usually the best time to get a great deal. Put aside the money that you would use to purchase this item today, and have it handy for when the item is available on sale. You will be able to get more for the same amount of money.

Find a good resource.

Find a good resource where coupons, deals, and discounts are collected and posted daily. These are promotions retailers use to encourage internet shopping. Basically, the coupons are giving you free money. You are going to save money on items you were going to purchase anyway.

So, why would a retailer encourage shopping over the net? For a retailer, their overhead is dramatically reduced by removing fancy showcases, displays, and retail stores. They are able to cut costs and pass the savings on to the consumer. In this way they can increase volume.

Be persistent.

If you have a good resource, use it. Find your resource and use it daily. A quick scan of daily discounts will show if there is a coupon or code for your planned purchase. Make the deals page your default page in your web browser. A great deal is no good if you never hear about it. Remember some great deals sell out quickly and if you don’t act on it, it will quickly be gone. Check your resource a few times a day.

When you see a deal, go for it.

This is important. Many times we say “I should have bought that when I saw the sale.” When a good deal comes along, take advantage of it. But be sure to test if it is something you will use, something you can give away, or something you will use for future gifts. Future gifts we always need: wedding presents, baby presents, birthday gifts.

Using rebates to save.

Rebates are a great way to save money, but they are no good unless you send in the required information. A lot of items these days can be bought for next to nothing or even free with rebates. The reason retailers and manufacturers use rebates to make the price more enticing, is because most people do not send in for the rebates. Don’t be lax in this area, when you have made a purchase with a rebate, follow through and get your envelope ready, cut the UPC codes and send your receipts. Make copies of the receipts and keep track of the rebates you have sent in.

Never buy the “Latest and greatest”.

Latest and greatest may be the best thing for collectors and people who like blowing their money, but for most purchases, this is the most costly way to go. If you choose the next to the newest model, you will save a lot of money. End of season sales are another way to save. One area that you can take advantage of this is children’s clothing. If you purchase 6 months in advance, you can save fifty percent or more. Planning ahead can save you a lot of money.