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Tips to Buy Keychain Online

Official Merchandise

When dealing with a keychain provider, it is imperative that you only deal with a supplier that is able to offer official merchandise. Retailers that fail to provide official merchandise are already choosing to cheat copyright holders, so they will be more than happy to cheat their customers as well. Not only that; but the quality of unofficial merchandize is never going to be as high. Retailers of official merchandise also tend to be larger companies, so there pricing will be cheaper because of the scale that they work on.

Refund Policy

Does the company offer a refund policy? Should the key chain retailer fail to offer a refund then this indicates a lack of trust in their product, and also means that when things go wrong you have no provisions for ensuring that you get the product you originally paid for. Should you choose to buy from a company that has no refund policy then you should ensure that you use a credit card – this means that you will be able to charge them back if you absolutely have to.


Compare prices from multiple sources to decide which retailer is offering the best deal. You should be careful to remember that one keychain may not be the same as another, so quality should always be something that you do not ignore when thinking about this. An unofficial and an official keychain will naturally be priced differently, and companies that do not work on a big scale will also not be able to offer as competitive pricing. One great way to ensure that you get a good deal on key chains is to attempt to get right to the source – this means buying directly from a wholesale keychain supplier.

Telephone Number

Although email is great, and the most suitable communication method for many circumstances, there are times when being able to speak to someone over the phone is essential. A company that does not have a telephone number that you can access through their website is most likely going to be difficult to contact if you have any problems with your key chain order – that is why you should always check this out before you buy. For the more diligent shoppers out there, you may even choose to phone the company beforehand as a means of ensuring that you know they actually answer the telephone and do not just have a telephone line with nobody available on the other end.